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First Brazilian Bikini waxing or sugaring?

What you should know.

Bra·zil·ian Bi·ki·ni 

/brəˈzilyən/ /biˈkēnē/


Removing all of the hair from the belly button to the back side with the option of leaving a strip or triangle as little or as much as you want. Not to be confused with a regular bikini wax or sugar which does not cover the intimate areas. 

The benefits:


Waxing and Sugaring are not only great for removing hair but also great exfoliators! Sugar will only stick to dead skin cells, wax can stick to both dead and live skin. 


Your skin will become so smooth due to removing the hair from the root and the recommended exfoliating and moisturizing after care. No more itchy dry flaky skin from razors or other products!


Shaving every day? Enjoy longer lasting results with sugaring or waxing because we are removing the entire hair and root, not just slicing off the visible top with shaving. You will save so much time without needing to shave. every. day. 


When (if) the hair finally grows back after sugaring or waxing, it grows back as a thinner and softer follicle without the itchy regrowth. Shaving on the other hand results in a prickly blunt follicle which irritates and itches. Hair removed by waxing and sugaring grows back less and less each time because the root is removed and over time, you may experience permanent results as you repeat services. Shaving hair actually invigorates growth. Because of this it is highly recommended to not shave between sugaring or waxing sessions.


Say goodbye to red, irritated skin from harsh chemicals! Hair removal creams and epilation, can damage and irritate the skin. I use specially formulated waxes for your skin type designed to leave your skin smooth and soft. Sugar is an all natural mixture of water, sugar, and lemon juice which makes it the softest choice for sensitive skin.

The prep:

Don't stress. We are here to make your experience relaxing and as pain free as possible. There is, no mystery waxer, no awkward upselling, Our only focus is you, expect to be pampered.

You're Ready.

Your hair should be at least 1/4" in length, that's about two weeks of growth. 1/2" is great for really coarse hair.  Subsequent waxes and sugarings need about 4-5 weeks. 

Skip  the joe.

Caffeine is a strong stimulant, you may want to avoid consumption for a few hours before your appointment. Don't tan or use spray tan 24 to 48 hours before your appointment .

Let me know.

Let us know if you are taking Accutane, Retin-A or retinol. Those are incompatible with facial waxing/sugaring.

The Service:


Park. The street parking is closest, We are right down the walkway to the right. There is also parking in the lot, but you have to come down the stairs. 


You'll disrobe from the waist down in the changing area. We have specially ph-balanced wipes to freshen up! Then, hop on the table. Don't worry- we see all body types and we think we are all beautiful!


Next, we remove the hair! Sugar is applied at or slightly warmer than room temperature. Or if you chose soft wax, it is applied at near body temp and removed with muslin strips. We are fast but thorough- expect a brazilian wax to take about 15 minutes, sugar takes  a bit longer- about 20 minutes.


Come in, we will show you around the salon. There is a comfortable waiting room for anyone you bring.


We will then prep your skin with a gentle cleanser for sugaring and a soothing oil if waxing.


Finally, we will use an astringent to clean and calm the skin,  reducing inflammation. We will also apply a moisturizer to nourish and hydrate the skin. The moisturizer also helps to prevent ingrown hairs, moisturize frequently!


Moisturize and Exfoliate.

Make sure to exfoliate and moisturize frequently to make it easy for the new hairs to emerge. We have great brushes and gloves available in the salon. 

The first wax or sugaring removes most of the hair that has grown above the skin. Some hairs may have been too short or still growing beneath the skin. Your next few sessions will catch these and after three waxes or so you will enjoy even longer lasting smooth skin.

The first session is over!  Each subsequent session will be easier and easier, and your skin will thank you. Hair growth is different for all, but typically every 4-5 weeks is a reasonable schedule for sessions.

Now go home and throw out all of your razors because this will change your life! And stay hydrated!

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